Birding Tour

Three days / two nights.

500+ Bird Species

Day 1: Paz de Aves / Birdwatcher's House

The tour begins early in the morning with a journey towards the farm of Angel Paz (1800 m), who has become famous for providing great views of tropical birds as the Andean Cock of the Rock and the Giant, Yellow-breasted and Moustached Antpittas. We walk into dense forest and then we’ll visit Birdwatcher’s House where we’ll relax while enjoying breakfast. After eating, we will have the opportunity to observe colorful mountain tanagers.

Day 2: Silanche / Milpe

This day we go to lower altitudes to find different species, at two marvelous private reserves run by the Mindo Cloud Forest Foundation. There we’ll look for some endemic species of the Choco Region, such as Choco Toucan, Choco Trogon and the fascinating Club-winged Manakin. Milpe (1100 m) is recognized as an Important Bird Area in Ecuador. It’s a small reserve and one of the best places to find 3 lovely local species of tanagers: Ochre-breasted, White-shouldered, and Honeycreepers. At Rio Silanche (600 m), you will find the Plumbeous Forest-Falcon, Dusky Pigeon, Rose-faced and Bronzed-winged Parrots, Pale-mandibled Aracari and Choco Woodpecker.

Day 3: 23 de Junio Reserva (Umbrellabird) Optional Day

This day we’ll visit a small reserve that is difficult to access, located at 1150 m, but here you can spot some of the most wanted species for bird lovers. To get there we need to leave early in the morning, at 04:30am, for an hour and a half drive and then a hike on a muddy trail. After the effort, you will be rewarded with the view of the marvelous Umbrella birds.

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