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Bike Rides

Bicycle is the more efficient and eco-friendly mean of transportation. Moreover, it allows us to appreciate and value the natural scenario from a different point of view as we bike through the roads that leads us to the different tourist attractions in Mindo.

Nightly Bike Ride

This tour begins at Mindo Real Hotel and continues towards La Roulotte Hotel, where we enter the Bamboo Labyrinth to witness the nocturnal flora and fauna of that place. During the ride we will bike next to the Mindo River shores, and make some stops to learn about the interesting plants of the forest.


This is one of the most entertaining and exiting sports in Mindo, as it takes you to the adventure of sailing down the river over a small boat made of big tires tide up together. You can enjoy this activity among family and friends, and the ride can last up to 25 minutes during the dry season or 15 minutes during the rainy season. The descent is done with a specialized guide with a lot of skills, who will allow you to enjoy moments of intense emotion under all the safety that’s needed. The equipment used is the boat, helmets and vests.

Zip lining – 10 cables

Why staying only on the ground when you can fly? Zip lining is one of the best options to break the routine; you only have to let yourself go and feel the adrenaline coming up in body while you cross from one end to another above the canopy. The feeling of flying like a superhero it’s possible thanks to zip lining! Live t intensely and enjoy the view!

Tarzan Swing

If you like intense emotions, you’ll love this activity. We introduce you to the Tarzan Swing, where you can feel the adrenaline of jumping from a platform of about 40 m high and swing as a pendulum from one place to another for several times.


This sport consists in descending a waterfall, with strings and specialized equipment, guided by a specialized guide that will explain you all the instructions for this challenge. Adrenaline that is felt when descending a cascade is a unique experience. And the fun of this activity is just indescribable!

Cable Car

A 530 m long ride in a cable car from one mountain to another that takes you to the entrance of the Waterfall Sanctuary. From the cable car you will appreciate a 360o view of natural landscape.

Waterfall Sanctuary

It’s a natural attraction of the cloud forest of Mindo that allows you to contemplate nature. In there you can walk for hours among waterfalls, the closest ones being just a 15 – 20 minutes’ walk from the entrance and the furthest one around a 60 minutes one way.

Bamboo Labyrinth

Be surprised by the forked trails found in our labyrinth, walking through the enigmatic and mysterious world of medicinal plants of La Roulotte. After doing this tour, you’ll know the difference between a medicinal plant, an ornamental plant and an eatable one. There’s a trail taking you through this incomparable labyrinth where you will learn from the charming nature, as you explore the different possibilities to find your way out.

Hummingbirds Watching

Enjoy some spectacular hummingbird watching while being just a few meters away from these birds, from where you can take pictures and observe its unique and breathtaking movements.

Bird Watching

This activity is done in the San Lorenzo ridge and during the morning, between 6-10am. During a bird watching tour you can appreciate different species of toucans, a great variety of tanagers, parrots, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, among others. The experience of seeing each one of these birds is unique, as every specie has its own natural charm. For a better experience, it’s necessary to use binoculars and a telescope, which will provide a good definition of the image. Our guides have all the necessary equipment to provide you with a great experience.

Mindo Bonito

Mindo Bonito is a hotel with cabins, pool with sledge and restaurant. The different activities that can be made are sport fishing, camping, mini cable car, hiking, boat riding, mountain swing, sport fields, ping pong and karaoke.

Nambillo Spa

To get to one of the most famous waterfalls in Mindo, you must walk for around 15 minutes. In this spa you will have the chance to enjoy many emotions, such as the 15 m jump or a sledge of more than 5 m that takes you all the way down to the river. You can also enjoy the pools for adults and children.

Río Bravo Reserve

This is the perfect place to enjoy the contact with nature, and let yourself be carried away by its refreshing and clear waters.

Butterfly Garden

Located 3 m from the center of Mindo, this is the ideal place to make pictures and have some quality family time, while learning from the four stages of a butterfly’s life. Take the change to feed them and do some walking in nature, where you will learn from the plants of the area and climb a bamboo tower for bird watching.

Orchid Garden

In this place you will find a great variety of orchids, which are unique for its appealing colors, special aromas and peculiar shapes. Admire its beauty while you make beautiful pictures.

Night Hike

A night hike through the forest, accompanied by a specialized guide that will take you to observe a great variety of frogs, insects and plants.

Frog Concert

The name of this natural attraction was inspired in the big amount of frogs that altogether emit their melodious croaks during nighttime, in specific locations. It’s a guided activity that allows the tourist to identify different specimens of frogs, as well as other nocturnal insects. The tour has a length of 1.2 hours.

Chocolate Tour

This tour will give you a deeper look into the world of artisanal chocolate production, through a short exploration of the gardens and workshops of this complex, while observing each one of the steps for elaborating artisanal cacao. You will appreciate the transformation of the cacao fruit to exquisite chocolate bars.

Coffee Tour

Begin this experience with a short history of the coffee in our country. The tour continues by visiting the coffee beans, and observing the process of growth, careful harvest and selection of the best specimens. Discover more about the delicious desserts and beverages that can be done with the coffee bean shells, and get carried away by the irresistible aroma that rises from toasting and grinding the beans. The tour ends with a delicious tasting.

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