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Ecuador is the 4th country in the world with the largest amount of species of birds in relation to the territory. Furthermore, Mindo is considered as the National Capital of Birds due to the high concentration of different species in the area, which makes it a mandatory destination for bird lovers.

Mindo has been a six times winner of the yearly Christmas Bird Count, organized by the National Audobon Society of the US. Every year, bird experts and lovers from of all over the country gather here to count bird species in their natural environment. In 24 hours, there have been up to 500 different kinds of birds registered.

Amphibians and Reptiles

Ecuador is the place in the world with the largest diversity of frogs and toads in relation to the territory. There are two species for every 386 m². Regarding reptiles species, we are in the 8th more diverse country in the world, and related to the territory, in the 1st one, as there are three kinds for every 772,2 m².

Nowadays, Mindo boasts a total of 101 amphibians and reptiles species, thanks to the work of Ecuadorian biologists. One of the endemic species of Mindo is the Pinocchio lizard Anolis proboscis, named that way for its large ‘nose’. This specie was considered extinct, until new specimens were found in its natural habitat.


Ecuador is home to 20% of all the species of butterflies in the world. These animals are fundamental for the balance and conservation of biodiversity of ecosystems, due to its pollinizing functions. Along their life, butterflies go through different forms, sizes and colors, and these changes are called metamorphosis. The process consists in four stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly, and it can be observed in the butterfly gardens of Mindo.

This is an outstanding destination to observe butterflies, as there are approximately 40 species thanks to the unique nature of its surroundings. If you’re a passionate observer of flora and fauna, Mindo is the right place.


Ecuador is known as the World Capital of Orchids. These exotic flowers are part of the largest family in the plant kingdom, as for every 10 species of plants in the world, one is an orchid. In the case of Ecuador, one of every four plants is an orchid, and in total there are 4.200 registered species of this flower in the whole country. This represents 14% of the total amount of orchids existing worldwide.

In the cloud forest of Mindo, there are more than 170 species of orchids. In this ecosystem, beautiful and enigmatic plants as orchids, bromelias, heliconias, ferns, mosses and liquen, hypnotize us with their colors and shapes.

Known as the queens of disguise, orchids are capable of imitating the shape of insects, and even reproducing the same colors and smells, in order to attract the birds and insects they want t have close. ¡In Mindo you can know them closely!

Mindo Valley.